Why should you incorporate rustic hardwood flooring?

Apart from being among the cheapest ways of hardwood FLOORING, rustic hardwood gives your room that classic look and outstanding feel. It has durability and will, therefore, stay unaltered for a long time, with the correct maintenance process.

Rustic hardwood floors make a strong impression in your room due to its striking appearance. Blended with warm earthy colors, the floor, and the room, in general, will be a sight to behold.

Where can you use rustic hardwood?

It is, however, not suited for every room in the house. It is not suitable for places where people are often supposed to walk barefooted. It is therefore appropriate for;

 Outbuildings

 Workshops

 Personal/home gyms

 Cabins and contexts

 Hallways

Hardwood floors are made of planks of wood made from a single type of timber. They have thick wear surfaces and are ideal for structural as well as aesthetic functions on a floor.

Rustic hardwood offers a stylish option for your floor. This wood flooring technique is characterized by rough and casually looking floors made from different hardwood types.

Rustic hardwood floor maintenance

• Sweeping as well as vacuuming of these wood floors regularly is recommended. This prevents ground in stains and dust. Sweeping should be done daily as well as weekly vacuuming. The vacuum should be gentle enough on the wood. Exercising occasional floor sanding to remove hard and built-in stains are endorsed.

• Recoating your floor at least after every three years using soft brushes will come a long way to decrease the number of times you will have to refinish the floor.

There are numerous varieties of rustic hardwood types to choose from. According to your taste and preferences, you can select the most appropriate one and make your home gorgeous. Ensure that you feel the texture first before making a decision.